How to Add Zopim to Your eEdge Website 

Your webpage should be more than just information on a page and gathering the visitors information. It should be an open house each time a visitor enters your websie. Zopim Chat is that tool that makes your webpage a constant open house. This tool allows you to engage live conversation with the prospective buyer/seller. You can add Zopim to your eEdge site and AgentC site.

For eEdge the code ise placed in the 'Additional Info' section of your eEdge back office. Here is the path - Admin, My Account, Settings, Additional Info.  Click the HTML button on the Additional Info section, paste the code you see below (with the changes - see below changes to be made to code) and the chat widget will show up on every single page. You can check it out  

Changes to be made to the code (see Example below), you'll need to replace the string of text-numbers with your unique Zopim Account Identifier. Here are the Steps on How to do this
  1. This Zopim Account Identifier can be found on the embed script from your account dashboard.  
  2. Copy the large amout of code from Zopim, paste it to a Word file and then extract the 32 letters and numbers from the larger code.  Your unique identifer is a string of 32 letters and numbers that comes directly after src='//  
  3. Copy the string of code below into Word and then replace the higlighted code below with your text-numbers.  
  4. Add that updated code to the Additional section and then preview your site. 
PLEASE NOTE: you will not see the code in additional after saving it.  Preview your site to see Zopim on it.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

AgentC Website Setup

If you want to add the Zopim chat window to your eAgentC website
  1. Copy the original Zopim HTML code
  2. Paste it to the source code on step 1.5 under the "Click here to edit the legal disclaimer message" hyperlink.
  3. Preview the site