Shani Nijamkin

 David is a wonderful agent and a great friend. He's knowledgeable, kind, patient, fast, and anything else you could possibly want in a Real Estate Agent. He is definitely on your side in this crazy industry. David helped us buy our first home and we would consider no one else when the time comes to buy our second.

Tricia Vecchio-Wickman

 A wonderful agent who is unbelievably patient, I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Dave Heim

 I have known David Schoenbrun and his family since he was a child. He has high character traits including honesty, integrity, intelligence, thoughtfulness and acts in the best interests of his clients and others with whom he has relationships. I recommend him without question.

Jack Cohen

 David is an outstanding agent who takes the time to find the right home at the right price. I'd highly recommend him

Ashley Ravid

 David is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, patient and realistic. He made house hunting fun and a pleasurable experience. I will definitely use David again and recommend him to my friends.

Thelma Lyden

 Dave is a good Real Estate professional! With all the transactions he shows his business smarts and always communicates which is not always the case.

Kelly Cohen

 I have known David for many years and every time I needed to relocate (which has been many), he was always there for me with the same excitement as starting the first. That excitement becomes invigorating, especially when looking for the perfect home can be exhausting. He doesn't stop until you are happy and that you cannot buy. He is the best!

Greg Manus

 It's always such a pleasureable experience, everytime we work with David, as he's savvy, personable and always gets us what we need. He knows the market inside and out, which sure makes our decision making easier

Kevin Suitter

 I have been retained to inspect many of the houses that David has sold over several years and have alway found him to be respectful of my time and he appears to always be looking out for the best interest of his clients. He has always been a pleasure to work with.

Jason Cardenas

 David helped us sell and purchase a new home. He was a constant professional every step of the way! When we had questions he was always just a phone call away! I would recommend the Schoenbrun Team to all my friends and family

Jeff Robbins

 David was a great realtor for me. Not only was he courteous but he understood our needs and apprehensions when we bought our recent home. I would highly recommend him.


 I worked with David for quite a while and watched his extreme professionalism and complete knowledge of the real estate buying and selling process at work with his many satisfied clients. He is knowledgeable, innovative, organized and acutely in tune with the financial aspect and the industry process. You could never be more satisfied than to choose David to go with you on your real estate journey!


 David is a expert in his field. He will work tirelessly to meet and exceed your expectations.


 As a first time home buyer David was able to guide me through the process and made sure I got a great deal. David is a great guy and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services.

Rob Scheuing

 I work with many real estate professionals and I can say without hesitation that David is one of the best in the industry. He is a skilled negotiator, a shrewd businessman and exhibits a high level of integrity. Any realtor can find or list a home but David always stands out when it comes time for what really matters, taking care of the client. I could not recommend him more highly!


 Knowing David for well over 26 years has given me the ability to see what type of individual/man he has become. He has an ability to tackle every project with determination and zest which has contributed to his success in realty for over 9 years. Soon I will be looking for a house and he is on the top of my list for realtors due to his great work ethics, knowledge, fun demeanor, and satisfaction he has given to other clients.


 Ive known David for many moons, he is family oriented very hard worker who has high standards for his work ethics. I really believe that if you decided to turn to him for finding your perfect humble abode that he will treat you like a cherished family member. Treating you like he was on his own journey~ May you discover not only a place you have been searching for that your heart whispered to you but also find someone who reslly cares about your dreams and who is willing to go that extra mile~